Saturday, January 19, 2008

Protecting Children From Pornography and Mature Content

Nobody wants their children to be exposed to mature websites and pornography but at the same time, their activity can not be constantly observed. There are bound to be occasions when they mistakenly come across websites which are not for their eyes leading parents to question exactly how they can protect them. Supervision is probably the first step that a parent should take, particularly with younger children but not forgetting teenagers. Children can be curious and search “naughty” words as a joke but it is more likely that they could stumble upon unwanted content. Experts have previously advised parents to limit the amount of Internet activity but this can be hard for parents of children who use online research facilities to help them with their homework. In this case, a web filtering service would be ideal as it could diminish the likelihood of a child discovering mature content or pornography on the web while searching for gossip on their favorite musician, for example. Web filtering services are excellent as they aim to phase out multiple levels of pornography and mature content often extending to gambling sites and references to alcohol and drug use. They can be quite restrictive, however, but this type of service is constantly improved to iron out the problems and perform an important task. Web filtering services basically protect children from adult content when their guardian’s eyes are elsewhere. Education is also important as it can offset any accidental discoveries which could lead to trauma and uncomfortable questions. By letting the children know that there are things on the Internet that are not for their eyes and should be looked at, it may save a few problems if they did see something upsetting as well as preparing them to instantly shut down any website that does not seem legitimate. One of the most important things to inform children and young people who use the Internet is of the dangers and threats that exist online. It isn’t a good idea to scare the children but it would be worse if they were not aware of anything and were subjected to adult conversations or pornography by someone they became friendly with in a chat room for instance. It may be impossible to guarantee that children are absolutely protected from harm but a certain amount can be blocked from use on a computer and some parental guidance can be ideal whenever a child wishes to try out a new website. If the parent views it beforehand they can be aware of any mature content that may or may not exist on the site and then take action. It is also useful to keep an eye on the Internet history to ensure that the younger members of the family have not seen anything untoward. Ruth is actively involved with the internet and she finds it very exciting. Her passions are people and pet health. She is a wife, a stepmom a dog owner and a business person. She is married for almost 30 years to Chris who has been, and still is, battling the monster MS. Cyber Crime, Identity Theft And Computer Hackers are a concern to Ruth. She is currently helping to fight the battle against cyber crime. Her About Page: Her Fight Cyber Crime: Her Stop-Cyber-Terrorism Blog -

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