Saturday, January 19, 2008

How To Maintain Your Computer

If you do not take minimal precautionary measures you will eventually have some type of computer problem, if you have not already. However; there are some very simple things you can do to keep your computer functioning much as it was when you initially purchased it. One of the most important and basic things one can do is to purchase and install anti virus software. I have helped many people solve computer problems that could have easily been avoided if only they had done some very simple things. I cannot believe the amount of people who do not have basic protective and defensive software such as virus protection and virus removal software installed on their computer. What amazes me even more is some will have the basic software installed and it is not used and kept updated. You must understand that if software is not kept updated, it is much like a 12 cylinder engine running on only 4 cylinders. It is just limping along and it is literally impossible for the engine to work and perform as it was engineered and designed, or perform at maximum proficiency. So if you have installed protective software, it is imperative that you keep the software updated. Remember how fast your computer worked when you first purchased it? Your computer slowing down is usually such a gradual process that most of us don’t realize how slow the computer is functioning until a very blatant problem reveals itself. If your computer has lost much of its speed, you can probably correct it by following the steps listed below. 1) Make certain you get in the habit of deleting temporary internet files from your computer at least daily. This will clear unnecessary internet files that gradually slow down your computer. 2) Properly shut down your computer first, and then its power source at least once a week. Leave the power off for at least one minute before restarting your computer. This will allow fragments of deleted software programs and files to be removed from your computer. 3) Purchase, install and keep updated a good firewall. A good firewall will help keep potential intruders from getting in your system and snooping around. A good firewall will also help keep confidential and personal information safely inside your computer. 4) Purchase, install and keep updated a good computer anti virus software. Anti virus software if installed, kept updated and run a scan of you entire system at least twice a month will help protect your computer from various computer viruses and worms. Computer viruses and worms can bring your computer to a crawl or a complete halt. Anti virus protection software is critical to the good health of any computer. An ounce of prevention is better that a pound of cure. That is never more true than when attempting to keep your computer running efficiently. As the adage goes; “you can pay me now, or you can pay me later.” You can choose to either invest a little money and time upfront, or spend a lot more money and lose a lot of valuable time to correct a problem that I know from experience will cause a lot more headaches, stress and aggravation if you have to experience and correct it. I am one who demands a lot from my computer. My computer is literally a workhorse and has in excess of 60 programs installed at any given time. Click here to learn more about protecting your computer.

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