Saturday, January 19, 2008

HELP! Have I Just Been Scammed?!

HELP! Have I Just Been Scammed?! There s a plus and a minus to doing business on the net. The plus is instant gratification. The minus? Instant gratification! Let s face it, people begin to expect certain things in connection to working and purchasing items on the internet. And, unfortunately, because of those same expectations, it also tends to bring out the worst in ourselves at times. I spend many hours during the week talking with other publishers and network marketers, and the common problem many have is the irate customer. You know the ones I m referring to? Those people who decide to shoot first and ask questions later ? MARKETERS HAVE OUTSIDE LIVES, TOO Though often my own life doesn t reflect what I m about to say, many, many people promoting products and services online do have lives! If they are working exclusively online, they do find the time for friends and family. If they work their online business in a part-time capacity, no doubt they have outside JOBS or other obligations that prevent them from sitting 24 hours a day in front of their own computers. As a matter of fact, sleeping comes to mind... remember sleeping?! Differences in time zones fly out of many peoples minds when they communicate online. Remember, it s called the WORLD-WIDE WEB for a reason! Just because you happen to be up and surfing doesn t mean the guy at the other end is... Find a good world clock. Checking the time alone may help lower your blood pressure! THE MOST COMMON MISTAKE MADE ON THE NET You can save yourself a LOT of aggrevation, fear, and frustration by paying attention to one single factor when making a purchase online. Thousands of merchants use PayPal. And... PayPal has a CONTINUE button! That s right! On your you ve just sent money PayPal payment confirmation page, how many of us know to LOOK FOR and USE the CONTINUE button in the lower right-hand corner of that page? If set up correctly, the merchant using PayPal has that CONTINUE button right there for your convenience! By clicking the CONTINUE button, 99.9% of the time it whisks you away to your confirmation and/or download page to complete your order. So, before you go ballistic, ask yourself, DID I click that PayPal CONTINUE link? Frankly, I love PayPal! I truly do. However, this IS one feature I sure wish they would correct. This one little misplaced, hard-to-find button has got to be the thorn in every merchant s and customer s side. Hey PayPal! Move it up where everyone can see it! SO WERE YOU REALLY SCAMMED? Hey, it does happen! I m not saying it doesn t, and it is truly unfortunate when it does. But, scamming is not limited to only the buyer s side, and everyone would do well to remember that. Perhaps that occasional seller who does make it a tad harder to complete your order has had to do it for self-preservation. Perhaps THEY, the seller, have been ripped off more times then they care to admit and are just trying to protect themselves! It can be a two-way street. SO... LET S BE NICE My suggestion is that before either side comes to blows, let s all take a deep breath and count to 10. Personally, I ve met hundreds, if not thousands, of truly wonderful people online. On the other hand, the ones we d all like to see a lot less of can be counted on just one hand. For the most part, people want to help! People want to be successful and see you succeed, too. You truly can attract more bees with honey than you can with vinegar when communicating online. Give the guy the benefit of the doubt, first. Try it and see! © Theresa Cahill - All Rights Reserved. Feel free to distribute this article. Please keep it intact and with the resource box included below. ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Theresa Cahill, a two decade veteran of marketing, is the owner of and invites you to take a look at the services of MWA and download helpful information and more at

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