Saturday, January 19, 2008

Antivirus Protection

Many people wonder if they should pay for an anti virus protection program instead of purchasing one. The reason why these people want to know about a free anti virus protection program is because the Internet has conditioned us to think that everything should be free. However, when you are looking for an anti virus protection program, you need to understand that just because someone is telling you that you can have this program for free, does not necessarily mean that it is free. So, whenever you are choosing a good virus protection program, you should stop to think about this for a minute you will understand that a person who has spent a huge amount of time developing and maintaining an anti virus protection program will want to make money off of it somehow in order for them to be able to create new programs. Plus, with these programs you will more than likely not get any type of technical support because the person who designed the program is giving it away for free. If you still choose to use a free anti virus protection program, you should know that there are probably some type of spyware attached to it. This spyware will then allow your computer to be tracked for advertisement purposes. You may also have your computer scanned for e-mail addresses or other pertinent information that you would not want to give anyone. For these reasons alone, you need to be very careful whenever you install these free programs on your computer. Even better yet, you should pay for your anti virus protection program. These programs really are not that expensive and yet they will help keep you safe from any malicious attacks on your computer. Of course, you should also be using a firewall in order to ensure the complete safety of your computer. When you ready for shopping antivius protection software check for following things. Does it provide 24/7 suppport system. How regular they update antivirus software. Do they have high speed downloads Do they block Spyware, Spam and Popup-ad Filrewall feature available etc.

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