Saturday, January 19, 2008

CAPTCHA Services

The term CAPTCHA may sound strange at first but honestly we re all using it everyday of our lives. The Internet is a platform that allows us to communicate in quick and economic manner. However, this has its own problems because the Internet is also plagued with spammers and there s lot of spam and junk mail that s doing the rounds. CAPTCHA is the short form for Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart. It refers to the tests that we have to complete if we wish to send a mail or document. There are various types of CAPTCHA configurations; most commonly we deal with the ones that have a unique mix of numbers and alphabets with maybe a line drawn across them. The letters aren t written straight and it takes just a few seconds for users to key in what s typed in the prompt box. This little test may seem unnecessary to a few people but it s a very powerful tool that internet users have at their disposal. The computer is a smart device but has its own limitations. A CAPTCHA is a process wherein a computer asks any user to complete a test. Strangely the computer has the intelligence to create and grade the test, but can t solve it. As such this minor challenge-response test can determine whether users are human or bots because users entering the right answer are accepted as human because of the computers incapacity to solve a CAPTCHA. Since spamming is an imminent problem Drupal CAPTCHA has become a necessity of sorts. It is known that a great number of Drupal pages are swamped with continuous amounts of spam. Of course the use of various modules are intended to control the spamming brigade and filter spam before it reaches this sector, the use of Drupal CAPTCHA is thought to be effective. Apart from all the spam protection that s already incorporated the use of Drupal CAPTCHA compliments the protection process. The module simply adds a CAPTCHA to all forms used by users and guests. Users simply need to answer the test for the form to be submitted. Since there s a real need for CAPTCHA, make sure you select a reputed CAPTCHA Service to ensure the best interests of your company and users. CAPTCHA Service providers will make available CAPTCHA that is compatible with varying programming languages. To ensure that that the service does not go kaput, providers may guarantee a backup server in a remote network that will keep the system running despite hosting or network problems. You could choose to check a free test from probable service providers before confirming business with anyone. The term CAPTCHA came into being in 2000 when Luis von Ahn, Manuel Blum, Nicholas J. Hopper and John Langford put their heads together. In case users have a disability or genuinely find it difficult to read the CAPTCHA correctly, for accessibility reasons the use of CAPTCHA audio versions is recommended for those using the service. It may also be referred to as a reverse Turing test since it is used by a computer to test humans rather than the other way round. Renowned author Jay Blaze has detailed knowledge regarding spamming. He has studied spammers psychology and reasons why spamming is so popular. Jay Blaze provides valuable information regarding protection from bots and which systems are more vulnerable towards spam attacks. To know more you can visit: CAPTCHA and Drupal CAPTCHA

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